Keys To A Child-Friendly Rafting Trip


A lot of adults get together to take rafting trips, but this can also be an activity that is fun for children. Check with a few local rafting companies to find out what their age requirements are. If your children are old enough to take part, you can start to look at the different rafting trip options to find one that's suitable to book with your kids. There are a number of factors that can make a rafting trip child-friendly, including the following points.

Shorter Length

A rafting company generally offers trips with all sorts of different lengths. For example, there might be anything from an hour-long trip to one that includes an overnight component. While some kids may favor the latter option, shorter trips are typically going to be the best choice for children — especially if they're experiencing this activity for the first time. When you book a short trip, you can expect that your children's energy levels will be high throughout the excursion. With a longer trip, some children may get tired or lose focus. It's better to have a shorter outing that excites your children and makes them want to go rafting again than one that feels too long for them. Consider your children's typical attention span during new activities and then book accordingly.

Some Thrilling Areas

There can be a considerable discrepancy in the water conditions on different rafting trip routes. Some trips spend much of the time in challenging whitewater conditions, while others give people more of a gentle experience. If you're looking for a child-friendly option, you'll likely want to pick something in the middle. Children might be bored during a trip that doesn't have enough thrills, but some kids may find an advanced-level trip with constant whitewater conditions to be too frightening. They'll enjoy being in fast-moving water a few times during the trip and having calmer conditions between the areas of rougher water.


A lot of rafting trips include lunch after the outing, and you can expect that this will be a component that excites your kids. Instead of just taking a trip and then returning home, an experience that includes a barbecue lunch on the shore of the river can be fun. Simple fare such as hot dogs and hamburgers are options that most children enjoy, and having some refreshments while they talk about the rafting experience with you and perhaps with other children in attendance can wrap up a memorable day for them. Contact a rafting company to learn more.


20 April 2021

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