Why Rafting Trips Are Perfect For Father/Son Bonding Moments


Whether you already feel as close as you possibly can to your son or you struggle to sometimes see eye to eye, there is no doubt that most fathers have special connections with their sons. There is just something unique about this relationship for both parties that is to be cherished and nurtured whenever possible. If you are looking for a way to bond with your son more because you haven't had that much time together recently, then you might want to consider trying a rafting trip. Here are a few reasons why rafting trips are so great for father and son bonding moments.

Any Age

With a lot of activities, there is kind of a cap on how old you can be and still get away with enjoying it with your son. Taking them to a theme park or out for ice cream is more geared toward a younger child and can be hard to convince an older son to participate in. However, rafting trips are fun for any and all ages, as long as they meet the basic physical requirements needed to participate, which generally occurs as a young teenager. 

Beating The Elements

There is something inherently fun and challenging about banding together with those around you to beat the elements in a challenging situation. Maybe it harkens back to a more primal time in the shared history of humanity, but rafting trips elicit something deep within all those who try it. Taking this trip with your son will give you a shared experience with this feeling, which can be a very powerful bonding agent that you haven't experienced before and will struggle to find a replacement for in the future! That is why there are so many return visitors to rafting locations.

Not A Lot To Be Said

While it certainly is a stereotype of men that many do not like to talk, but rather display emotions and feelings through actions, that does not mean this stereotype is inherently false. A lot of men do find it more comfortable to share in some hard work rather than express themselves with vivid discussions, and that is okay. On the other hand, if you do find you want some space to talk, rafting trips are also great because there is a lot of downtime between each rapid or tough spot that gives you a chance to catch up.

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20 September 2022

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