First-Time Skydiver? How to Prepare Yourself for the Big Jump


If you have always dreamed of jumping out of a plane, you are not alone. It is not uncommon to find skydiving listed on someone's bucket list of life experiences and it is a popular event for milestone birthday celebrations. There is not too much you need to do to prepare for your big jump, but following a few key tips will help your skydive go off without a hitch.

Mindset matters

It is not uncommon to experience some anxiety as your skydiving day approaches and on the day of your jump. It is usually the fear of the unknown that causes these anxious feelings to occur. One of the keys to easing your anxiety is to not overthink the moment and instead just live in it by focusing on how good you will feel once you accomplish your goal and how amazing the view will be.

Clothing concerns

When it comes to clothing for skydiving, you should choose comfortable clothing that is more form-fitting than loose. Athletic style clothing that clings to the skin is best, as it will not be as bulky under the skydiving jumpsuit you will be wearing for your jump. Footwear should consist of lace-up shoes rather than slip-on styles.

Eating before your jump

You may be tempted to not eat prior to your jump, especially if you are feeling anxious and nervous, but not eating may cause you to feel lightheaded or nauseous. It is best to avoid alcohol and heavy or fatty foods the day before your jump. On the day of your jump, you should eat light meals that are healthy and make sure you consume plenty of water to stay hydrated.

Make sure to record your event

Skydiving services may offer videography as part of their package deals. However, you will likely have the option of bringing your own photographer if desired and it is always a good idea to have a backup photographer to capture the moment. Hiring a photographer you trust or admire will give you peace of mind knowing your big day will be documented properly.

If you enjoy having a little adventure in your life, skydiving will not disappoint. From the days leading up to your big jump to the completion of your jump, you will feel an exciting sense of anticipation followed by the satisfaction that you followed through and did it. It will truly be a day you will never forget.


13 June 2022

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